Guideline for Poster Presentation

Poster Set up Time

Please go to the registration desk with your abstract ID and our staff will direct you to your poster board. Our registration starts at 08:30 am on September 27th. We suggest you come to the conference venue earlier to put up your poster.

Poster Presentation Time

Reviewers will examine your poster presentation at 15pm-16pm on Sep. 27. Please make sure to be there to present your works to reviewers for evaluation.

Poster Dimensions

Each poster board will have 90cm (W) * 120cm (H) usable space, please design your poster to fit this size. And push-pins and tapes will be provided for posting the posters in the venue.

Poster Format

【The official language is English; no other languages will be allowed for the presentation.】

Poster Title
  • ­The title should be capitalized, centered, and bolded, and the font size should be at least 72pt. Authors and their affiliations should be at least 42pt.
Poster Content
  • The poster contents could be included the Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion. And the font size of heading must at least 36pt in bold.
  • ­
  • Text letter should be at least 32pt (not less than 24pt).
  • ­
  • Poster font must be Times New Roman.


All awardees must be present at the award ceremony in order to be eligible to receive award, otherwise the award will be revoked. NO EXCEPTION.